The Tea School (free for our professional customers)

All our professional clients benefit from free, customized and free training sessions at our offices.
Our team of trainers (Institut Paul Bocuse, University of Saint-Etienne...), offers you a complete range of training courses:

The tasting

  • Module 1: Introduction to tea preparation and tasting
  • Module 2: Preparation and service in the room
  • Module 3: Tasting and general knowledge about tea
  • Module 4: Desserts (sweet) / Teas and Infusions
  • Module 5: Food pairing (salty) / Teas and infusions

Plants and infusions

Module 6: Tea, Nutrition and Plants (list of themes to choose from)

  • A balanced diet: how to do it on a daily basis
  • Food and form: the role of food on physical and moral energy
  • Small symptoms of everyday life (bad sleep, headaches, stomach aches, pains...) and if it was the diet?
  • Power and consequences of sugar: having a balanced diet in a world of temptation
  • Feeding and working on staggered schedules
  • Losing weight: annual diet or daily management
  • The belly: mysterious world, reign of germs
  • Food intolerances
  • Did you say organic? Fashion or background trend?
  • New foods: gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, flexitaristic, hypotoxic, paleolithic... background trend trend
  • The use of new functional ingredients (psyllium, gum arabic, carob, seaweed, chia seeds, flax, oilseed purées...)
  • The controversial ingredients: aspartame, glutamate, polyphosphate... trust or mistrust
  • Detox: would you like a small herbal tea?
  • Stress, nutrition and mindfulness
  • The power of the senses and thought
  • Food - reason: what about pleasure then?

Tea jobs

  • Module 7: Tea Sommelier
  • Module 8: Sales techniques and tea quality approach
  • Module 9: Create your shop (business plan, implementation study, product selection, implementation, cash register software, communication and start-up).