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Launched in 2016 in the Loire, FBKT is a young French tea & herbal tea brand that cleanses tea-time and revisits the world's classic teas in exclusive artisanal recipes inspired by French gastronomy with a high-end, inventive and modern spirit.

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It is the first daily sip for billions of people and a real pleasure for the senses for millions of others. The pleasure of this drink comes from the perfect alchemy between plants, water and the care taken in its preparation.

The FBKT tea is a tea for everyone with an offbeat universe that takes the opposite of the classic tea-time and the « snobbish » image conveyed by the history of colonial counters in India.

It is a tastefully demanding urban tea for epicureans, lovers of good wines and gastronomy.

We wanted a tea brand on a human and modern scale, which combines artisanal know-how and creativity, without denying the rigour of French gastronomy.

Located near Roanne, on the foothills of the Massif Central, our company benefits from the magnificent setting of this thermal and wine-growing region.

Our team

Julien David - Design, sourcing and training
=> Expert in tea tasting and table football
=> Trainer at the Paul Bocuse Institute
=> Speaker at the University of Saint-Etienne
=> Reconverted from the wine industry (and not for health reasons!)

Charlène Pellerin - Commercial
=> She is always smiling and always hungry!
=> She's the youngest and therefore the most fit (a whirlwind... we're all exhausted!)
=> A big fan of wild cherry tea
=> She is maniacal (even forcing us to tidy our desks...)

Nancy Riamon - R&D and QC
Food Engineer
=> Dietician Nutritionist
=> Trained at the Ecole Lyonnaise des Plantes Médicinales
=> Speaker at the University of Saint-Etienne
=> Trainer in Nutrition and Plants at the Paul Bocuse Institute
=> Reconverted from the food industry
=> Sunday cooker (we love it)!

Natacha David - R&D / ADV
=> Former manager in a medical products distribution company
=> Expert in plants (those that are infused for well-being)
=> Reconverted from the medical industry
=> Loves having cupcakes with her tea at the end of each meal.

Chef Jean Pierre Cherpin - Culinary Research and Workshop
A 25 years expertise as a chef in french gastronomy
=> Trained by Chief Pierre and Chief Jean Troisgros
=> Former chief at Guy Martin’s in Divonne les bains
=> Globe-trotter, expert in spices and culinary blends
=> Forces us to say "Chief, yes, chief!"

Charly Carré - Communication & Webmarketing
=> Deals with Facebook, Instagram, Google...
=> Spends a lot of time playong with pictures and geek stuff.
=> Chief Blogger at FBKT
=> Trained at the Institut Français de Presse, Paris.

Gastronomic and inventive teas, our creative expertise.

Our recipes are designed with a creative spirit and tailor-made assembled in our Renaison workshop (near Roanne, 1 hour from Lyon).

As epicureans, we are guided by the pleasure of the senses, the delicacy and the search for a balance in the mouth worthy of the finest gourmet dishes.

The 250 references in our range of teas and infusions (including 70 certified organic by Ecocert) are made from ingredients rigorously selected for their taste and virtues.

  • Natural ingredients, little processed: generous pieces of dried fruit, coloured flower petals, gourmet candied fruits, warm spices.
  • Only natural flavours
  • The choice of organic and local, as much as possible
  • A rigorous quality control at the time of its selection and before its incorporation at the time of preparation of a mixture: it is tasted and analysed in the laboratory.

To create a new recipe or select an original tea, we all meet, with our different personalities, around the table to taste, think and exchange. The blends are designed for their visual appeal, the balance of their flavours and tastes, the colour of the liqueur so that your drink acts harmoniously on each of your senses.

We can perform several dozen tests to find the perfect match!

Create your tea shop or open your delicatessen with FBKT!

You want to open a delicatessen, a tea room, a coffee shop, a wine shop, a concept store... by offering a differentiating tea brand, which is not found in all your fellow grocers or in department stores?

FBKT teas are only distributed to independent shops and we scrupulously respect the trading areas (more informations.

Are you a great hotel, a boutique hotel, a gastronomic/semi-gastronomic/bistronomic restaurant? Would you like to offer a modern and premium tea brand at the end of a meal or for the traditional tea-time?

Choose from over 200 recipes to add to your menu. We also offer a BISTROT range, developed in individual biodegradable/compostable pyramids (manufactured in our Renaison workshop).

  • FREE TRAINING. For all our reseller merchants as well as for your staff, vendors or servers.
  • COMMERCIAL ADVICE. We support you in the choice of your range and provide you with all the keys to help you succeed in your project. You are the chef at home: we do not impose anything and we only intervene on advice, at your request.
  • MARKETING & COMMUNICATION SUPPORT. We put our communication team at your disposal: active participation on social networks, blog articles, communication supports, Access to our photos

FOR RESTAURATORS AND HOTELIERS => A tool adapted to a simple and quality service

A good tea is also a controlled preparation and service. We offer you the room equipment to meet the modern needs of the gastronomic catering industry, without any additional constraints. Two ranges of teas and herbal teas to meet your needs:

  • The Gastronomic line: loose teas and infusions to be served in teapots. A preparation that respects tradition or adapts to the trends of urban life in 2019!
  • The Bistrot line: Ecological pyramid bags made in our workshop that release all the aromas, and preserve the quality to which we are attached.